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In the massive Handbook of Body Psychotherapy, published in English in 2015, David Boadella is the most quoted author, after Reich and Lowen.

David Boadella himself has published in over ten books, some 30 chapters in other books and a total of 150 articles, over a period of 65 years, up to and including 2019. The USA Journal of Body Psychotherapy published a special issue devoted to Biosynthesis.

Forthcoming: a massive 1000 pages method book has been written by Silvia and David Boadella and is currently being final edited.

Once this is published, a book on Trauma will follow.

Energy & Character is the earliest and the longest running journal of body psychotherapy in the world.

David Boadella Ph.D., h.c. has written 119 articles in it, over 45 years, and all major modalities of body psychotherapy have been published within it.

Numerous articles by Biosynthesis therapists are included.

Peter Freudl has created an Archive listing the content of 125 issues, which is available on Internet.

All English issues are currently being reprinted and made available to buy in paper form and in the Internet.


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Books of members of EABS


Biosythesis. Past, Present and Future. Somatic psychotherapy: Head editor V. Berezkina-Orlova – Moscow, 2020. Editions in Russian and English available.


Vassilis, C. (2018). Body Psychotherapy. Healing Trauma in The Eternal Present of Now. Barcelona: Hakabooks. Original version in Greek, also English, Portuguese and Spanish editions available.


The 2nd Russian book for Biosynthesis “Inspiration and Embodiment”, edited by V. Berezkina-Orlova & V. Mokhov (2017).

The 1st book for Biosynthesis: “Life streams. Five Interviews with David Boadella”, edited by V. Berezkina-Orlova (2016).
The 2nd Russian book for Biosynthesis “Inspiration and Embodiment”, edited by V. Berezkina-Orlova & V. Mokhov (2017).

Το Σώμα στον Κόσμο και ο Εαυτός στο Σώμα

The Body in the World and the Self in the Body is an anniversary edition for the 20 years of the Greek Center for Biosynthesis. (2015). Edited by Lily Anagnostopoulou published by the Greek Biosynthesis Center in Athens.


Boadella, S. (2015). Die tragende Haut. Von Geburt und Sterben. Zürich: Arbor.


David Boadella Ph.D., h.c. has published many books among which are… 



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