Dear colleagues and friends of Biosynthesis

The last year has been a year of recognition of Biosynthesis as a significant and powerful psychotherapeutic approach, with two tributes to our creator, David Boadella and the Biosynthesis approach in the two leading international journals of Psychotherapy:
– IBPJ (International Body Psychotherapy Journal) the journal of EABP, European Association of Body Psychotherapy &
– IJP (International Journal for Psychotherapy) the journal of the AEP, European Association for Psychotherapy.
In both you can find an article written by Lily Anagnostopoulou based on an interview with David:
Diving into Deep Water. A conversation with David Boadella about his life’s work.
In addition you can read a poem written by David himself and also the tributes of several Biosynthesis therapists as well as the personal recognition to David Boadella by Tricia Scott.
We hope you will enjoy its reading, inspiring your life path with this beautiful legacy of Biosynthesis for a better world 🌍 🙏.
Warm greetings from the 💚 of Biosynthesis ✨
Attached is the link to the two journals: