Dear colleagues and friends of Biosynthesis

The last year has been a year of recognition of Biosynthesis as a significant and powerful psychotherapeutic approach, with two tributes to our creator, David Boadella and the Biosynthesis approach in the two leading international journals of Psychotherapy:- IBPJ (International Body Psychotherapy Journal) the journal of EABP, European Association of Body Psychotherapy &- IJP (International …

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Tribute to David Boadella

Dear friends of Biosynthesis, on 16 January 2022 we said goodbye to David Boadella, in a beautiful ceremony where colleagues, friends and students said their last farewell to him. All the Biosynthesis Schools also joined this International meeting to say goodbye and we placed our voices of gratitude for the professional and human legacy that …

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Biosynthesis opens its doors to you

International Gathering of all the schools of Biosynthesis, September 2021 Every School shares an insightful aspect of Biosynthesis Somatic Psychotherapy so you can get to know us and reach out to us!