The integration of all the dimensions of the human being: 
mental, corporal, emotional, energetic and spiritual

The word “Biosynthesis” means “integration of life” and works with self-formation processes, which encourage organic growth, personal development and integrity

Our essence

The process of therapy in Biosynthesis interconnects individual areas of life fields and includes:


In many ways Biosynthesis is based on the energetic theories of Wilhelm Reich, and the discoveries made by Francis Mott and Frank Lake about prenatal and perinatal processes. It has also been heavily influenced by Stanley Keleman’s research into the formative process and emotional anatomy.


Biosynthesis has been researched and developed over the past 40 years by David Boadella, Ph.D., h.c.; it continues to be developed today in theory and a wide range of practical applications by Silvia Specht Boadella Ph.D. and David Boadella Ph.D., h.c., as well as leading members of the “International Training Faculty of Biosynthesis”.

In its development, invaluable collaborations with Silvia Specht Boadella Ph.D. have been foundamental. The contribution of prominent members of the “International Training Faculty of Biosynthesis” allows continuity and dissemination


3 aspects

the main goal of our work is to forge a link between the three essential aspects of human existence

somatic or
body experience

Psychological experience

personal essence



Biosynthesis encompasses 9 main themes and the corresponding theories, methods and practices 

founding and grounding

The emphasis is on the root of the spine as the basis of autonomy and on the difference between over grounded and under- grounded character tendencies.


The emphasis is on the lower belly and on pre- and perinatal aspects of experience, womb life, birthing, and ways to help clients with birth or pre-natal trauma.

holding and charging

The emphasis is on the first year of life, the throat, oral character tendencies, healthy needs, and patterns of addiction.


The emphasis is on the energies of the solar plexus, and the sympathetic emotions of anger and anxiety, in relation to the movement patterns of constructive aggression, and constructive self defence, or safety - seeking.


The emphasis is on the heart as the centre of a love relationship, and on patterns of cooperation in partnership, (as opposed to symbiotic collusion, or destructive collision).


The emphasis is on the voice, the throat and the ear. We teach Patterns of clear communication in language and disruptions of this.


The emphasis is on outlook and insight, eye contact and vision.


The emphasis is on the crown of the head as gate between personal existence, and the transpersonal.

forming and shaping

We also look at the application fields of Biosynthesis in private practice, in clinics, or in other areas such as work with children or social applications.


The Biosynthesis method focuses not only on disease and problems, but perceives healthy moments, strengths and possibilities of the person.


7 basic therapeutic working areas